Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Corn You've Never Had!

It is now perfect cookout weather. So I of course have to share my super awesome amazing corn on the cob. We look forward to this each year and corn on the cob is one of my kids favorite foods. Yep, you read that right. My kid's favorite food is a vegetable. All four of them.

This corn recipe is simple and once you try it the contest will be over. It will be the star of any bar-b-q and it will become the standard you compare all other corn too. That's a pretty big promise but this corn is awesome and I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

Now one thing you should know about me is when it comes to corn I am a bit of a butter fiend. I can easily go through half a stick of butter with just one cob. However with this method I use NO butter. OMG! I know I can hear your disbelief. I used to think corn had to have butter too. In fact the first few times I made this I still used butter on it. Until I realized it didn't really add anything taste wise.

Here's how you make it.

Peel back the husks while keeping them as intact as possible. I usually remove any ratty or really dry looking ones from the outermost layer but this shouldn't be more then a couple leaves. After you've carefully peeled them down remove the silk. I find it easiest to grab the nasty wad of silk at the very top and then pulling it off down toward my other hand and then away from the corn. This leaves you with not to many stray strands that you can quickly rub away.

Don't forget to wash it off now!

Now for this step I recommend being outside and not upwind of anyone you like. Sprinkle your corn liberally with lemon pepper. It might sound like an unusual combination but TRUST me on this. Rotate it as you sprinkle so you can get it on all sides.

Once you feel you have enough lemon pepper on your corn just wrap those leaves back around it. You don't need to tie it up or anything. It stays together just fine in my experience.

Now pop that sucker on the grill and grill it baby! You do need to watch these because if your fire is going high it can catch the leaves fire. This happens to us sometimes but it's easy to blow out and really you shouldn't be leaving your grill unattended anyway.

When you corn husks look about like the one above you will know it is done. Usually this takes around 20 minutes. If we are limited on grill space we cook the rest of our food first and then let this cook while we eat. Our new grill is a little larger and has a top rack to it so we use that for the corn and it seems to do well up there. The corn itself actually gets quite a bit brighter in color when it's ready too. You might be able to see that by the little bit that is peeking through in the above picture. I would have a finished pic for you but these puppies are gone as soon as they come off the grill. It was all I could do to take a picture of this one before pulling it off the grill and devouring it.

If you try this I would love to hear what you think. Please tell me. I'm good about replying to comments so if you have any questions then just ask. :-) 
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