Monday, November 4, 2013

In Case You Were Wondering...

Well in case you were wondering where I've been...... I've been busy slacking off. Well sort of. If you know me then you know I am sort of a jack of all trades type. I love to create in all different mediums. Lately I have not had the desire to create using anything I'm well acclimated to though. Sometimes this happens to me. I get tired of all the mediums I work in and I have to take a break from them and learn something new.

Lately I've been wanted to work with photo manipulation. I find the crazy crytozoology pictures both hilarious and intriguing. You know the ones I mean. The really weird ones you find on youtube when you've been looking at the site to long and you get to "that part of youtube". You know! We've all been there. It's doesn't matter what you go there to watch. If you click enough of the related links you WILL find your way there.
My first attempt. This was supposed to be a very large crow like the thunderbird legends.

ANYWAY....... I can't help but look at some of those pictures and think "I could do that......but better!". I know I sound cocky and maybe I am but I know what I'm capable of. Now here was my dilemma. I wanted to practice and make these crazy pictures but without actually trying to fool anyone. I really have no desire to further saturate the internet with hoax pictures or try to fool anyone. That is not something I want to do. So what do I do then. I don't want to just make pictures to sit on my hard drive. Where is the fun in that? I want to share my art. Even if I am just learning and I currently suck at it, lol.
This looks a little better bigger it was my second attempt. It's supposed to be a Chimera.

So while slacking off and surfing the web I happened across it. The solution to my dilemma. A site I could practice photo editing on, get valuable feedback, watch tutorials, enter contests, and share crazy made up edits with other people doing all the same things. All without trying to actually fool, con, or otherwise hoax anyone. Exactly everything and more of what I was wanting. So that is what I have been up too. As you can see by my edits thus far I still have some work before I perfect this art. Now that I can satisfy my artistic tooth of diversity you may see a few crazy works from me for the next couple of posts. Don't be alarmed. I will return to my other crafts and art mediums soon but I have to go with the flow. I have a very scattered way of thinking and working on things. It drives some people crazy but has always worked for me. Besides if I didn't have these moments where I needed to explore a new medium then I wouldn't be the eclectic artist I am. Know what I mean?
Again this looks better big. It's just supposed to be some kind of red bird of paradise or something.

Are you a scattered worker? Or are you all tidy and organized? Do you ever have random tangents where you decide you must learn a new skill?
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