Monday, July 7, 2014

2nd and 5th Birthday Dresses

So it's time for the big reveal! Nova and Wren's birthday dresses. I made both of them from the same basic pattern (one I made).

I'll start with Nova's dress because I didn't really change anything from my original pattern. I've been hording this fabric for some time now. I gave Nova the choice between several of my prettiest fabrics and this is what she chose. Can't say I blame her! So 1yd of horded fabric down and a new dress later.....

.... and of course the dress in action. Since of course you know it is a super twirly dress!

Ok admittedly my timing is horrible. I can never catch a full twirl. I tend to catch the very end when the skirt is starting to twist around the other way and gets real close to the body.

She loves it, although for some reason it looks like she's trying to fight back a smile here. Just in time too as she has completely outgrown her 3rd birthday dress.

Did I mention the thing I love most about this pattern is that it can be worn for a very long time by just adjusting the button placement? Umm, yeah I love that! Anything that looks nice and my kids can wear for multiple years or I can switch between girls of different sizes is a huge bonus in my book!

For Wren's dress I made the skirt 2 layers and shortened the top layer up quite a bit to almost peplum in nature.

I only had a half yard of that fabric and I really wanted all of the wide eyelet edging along the bottom of the white fabric to show. It's hard to see it hear and the other pics I took didn't come out to great either since it was almost nap time. When I finished this dress she took it and carried it all through the house. She was so upset when I told her she couldn't wear it right then.

I think she's just as big a fan as I am of these shiny white glass buttons.

Do you make your kids special birthday outfits? If so do they like them? Have you ever used a pattern that lets them wear something for multiple sizes?

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