Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pretty Fabric and Ebates

I've been swooning over this lovely Michael Miller fabric by Sarah Jane. It is called Wee Wander. I can't tell you how adorable it is. It's even prettier in person then in any of the pics. Children with horses, deer, and fireflies. The colors are also beautiful!

I was unable to decide which color way to go with so I picked my favorite prints and bought them in both color ways they came in. I turned 4 of the prints into two blankets with soft luxurious minky backs. I have them listed in my etsy shop but I'm not sure if they will stay there long. My husband and the kids both thought they were the coolest things when they seen them and if they don't sell soon they may never leave my house, lol.

Right before I bought these fabrics I decided to give this whole ebates thing a try. You know those crazy commercials you see all the time where the lady says she earned $900 from shopping online? Obviously I never expected to earn that much because you would have to spend an insane amount of money for that. Maybe if you wanted to buy a car online you could earn that kind of money. Anyway I digress. I signed up and did most of my Christmas shopping online and I actually did earn $40. At first I thought I would never earn more then may $5 or $10 at a time because I thought most everything only offered 1% cash back. However those percentages are in constant flux. I could have earned more if I would have remembered to go to each site from ebates before I made a purchase. Even those tiny amounts can add up fast. They do have a tool bar or something you can use so you don't have to go to their site before a purchase but I hate extra tool bars with a passion. Over all I would say it is totally worth it to join if you do any shopping online.

Oh and they do offer incentive for referrals so if you decide to try them out then I hope you'll consider using my referral link by clicking here.

Have you ever considered trying a site like ebates before? Are you already a member of one? What do you think of those crazy adorable fabrics? Have you ever used any Michael Miller fabrics before?
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