Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Skirting the Issue Skirts

Ok, so I've been a busy one. I finished my second nursing shirt (tut still to come) and to make up for my selfish sewing I made 6 skirts to donate for Skirting the Issue. In case you aren't familiar with who or what that is then please read on. It is an effort in the blogging world to spread a little love where it maybe most needed. Sewing enthusiast are encouraged to sew up some skirts for whichever charity they would like. The goal is to create as many as possible in the hopes that it gives a child who may not be in the best situation a little bit of much needed love. You can donate them anywhere you choose and they even give some good examples of places that would be good to donate to. Or if you would prefer you can even mail the skirts to them to donate for you. It's a lovely way to give back and is worth participating just for that. However if you need more incentive they also enter you into drawings for some pretty cool sewing stuff for every skirt you make.

I think it's an annual thing so if you can't do it this year then you should sign up for their newsletter so you can next time it comes around. You won't be disappointed as it's run by Simple Simon, and who doesn't just love everything there?!

I had some designer fabrics that I got in end of bolt surprise packs from one of my favorite online fabric stores. I paired these with some wide elastic ribbon and I pretty much had pre-cut skirts ready to just whip up. I just needed to measure them to see what size skirt they would make in the end.

 My favorite is that light pink one on the top in this picture with the grey band and the unknown little creatures on it. I was half tempted to keep it for Wren but I figure that wouldn't be right since that wasn't the intention I had when making it. Other little girls deserve to have adorable clothes too!

These ones I actually made first. I wasn't sure what to use these fabrics for when I first got them but obviously they were beyond perfect for little skirts. Aren't they darling?

Here is all 6 of them together. I think I'm going to bring them with me to bunco and either give them to the ladies there that work for foster care placement or give them to the ladies that put together baby boxes for new moms in need. I may even split them up and give the smaller ones for the care boxes and the larger ones to the foster care ladies. Either way I know they will be going where they are needed and that's all the really matters. :)
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