Friday, March 29, 2013

Minnie and Mickey Outfits

 When we went to visit family in Florida earlier this month we were planning to go to Disney. Unfortunately the tickets were blacked out for the main park so we only got to go to Animal Kingdom. So we didn't get to see the characters but we still had a blast. Thanks Jeremy for getting us in!

So for our anticipated trip I made our older 3 Minnie and Mickey outfits. It's so much more fun as a kid when you feel like you're part of the magic and people ooh and aww as you walk past. These were pretty simple. I made the pattern for the shorts and then added little white ovals to the front and back. The skirts I did as circle skirts with straps. However the straps kept falling down because I made them just a bit to long. If you decide to copy these designs then I would recommend adding a bar across the back to connect the two straps or making them so that the cross over in the back.

The plain white and black shirts we just bought. I didn't see a reason to try and make those on the limited time I was working on to get this done. :-)
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