Monday, April 29, 2013

Junk shirt to Jumper Dress

So I entered a contest on It's a cool site filled with tutorials. Sometimes It's fun to see the things you can find on there. Anyway because of this I posted my tutorial for today on there. Well actually because of that and also because when I went to upload it here I realized I had 20 pictures to post for it and that's a lot for someone to load on one page. That would mean typing it up in individual steps there and then typing it up divided into two separate posts here and lets face it. That is a lot of work when you have four little people to also take care of. So I'm giving you guys the link to view it over there. I hope you don't mind. Above are the front and back pictures of the finished dress. Below is the before picture of the shirt it once was.

Unfortunately when I found this shirt it was hanging in a thrift store in unwearable condition. Otherwise mama would have probably had a new shirt instead of Nova having a new dress. :-P

Anyway here is the link to the full tutorial. Oh and have no fear if you want to try this with a regular shirt that is not smocked. My tutorial goes over that. Please feel free to vote for me if you like it. Or someone else if you like theirs better. Although I'll be honest I would rather you vote for mine, lol.

Also if you give this a try then I would love to see links. Or send me some pics and I may just post them. :-) 

So have you ever remade something? Did you like how it came out? Would you try it again?
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