Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The garden is planted!

It's been a few more days then I would like between posts this time. We were super busy last week though. Every free moment pretty much went into getting our garden planted. Our flowers in front of the house finally bloomed and we discovered they were beautiful white daffodils. It was really windy so they kept blowing around as I was trying to take pictures of them, lol.
 I like this one!
 Here is a picture of our humble garden. All the seeds are in the ground except for the poppies and the marigolds which we are planting to attract butterflies and repel dear and rabbits. Did you know there were certain plants you could plant to keep different animals and insects away from your garden? Kind of cool isn't it?
 I call this our humble garden because if we had our way we would probably spend all our time gardening and to heck with work. We actually have 15 decent sizes rows though and truth be told we may have gone a little over board for our first real garden. I think we can totally handle it though. I just hope everything grows and produces well.
I'm anxiously awaiting my canary melons. We planted those on the end so they could vine into the yard and we can try to keep them aimed away from the other plants. :-) 

Now we just need to concur the grape arbor and well be doing well.

So are you gardening this year? What are you planting? Anything unusual and fun? Ever planted purple potatoes or purple carrots?
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