Monday, July 8, 2013

Very Easy Dog Leash

A couple years ago a friend asked me to make her a dog leash. In exchange she sent me baby clothes I think. I don't really remember anymore. I didn't have blog at the time but I did still publish and share a tutorial for how to make these super simple leashes. They are just like what you buy in the store only they cost a fraction of the price and you can customize them anyway you want. I have the original pictures on my external hard drive but as I am lazy right now I don't feel like going to get them to post the full tutorial here. Instead I'll post the link over to my instructibles page where you can view the full tutorial which is really only like two steps. Yes, it's that easy! Click here to learn how. 

In the tutorial I kept it simple for any beginners out there but you can easily add a ribbon to these as well. This is a great first sewing project as it takes very little cutting, very little investment, and very little work. It is nearly instant gratification. 

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