Monday, September 30, 2013

Fox the Fox (PRP)

Hooray it's time for my project run and play reveal! I'm excited, are you? This week is about your signature look. Well there are several things you should know about me first. Both my husband and I have Native American ancestry and we are very earthy (yet clean) hippy-ish free spirit nature loving people. In case our children's names didn't give that away already.

Unfortunately my pictures this week kind of suck so I apologize for that in advance. I only had a few minutes for this shoot and it was cold, wet, and rainy out.

Our son's name is Fox and he totally lives up to it. He's quiet yet clever. I absolutely love his name and might secretly be a little jealous. There is a price he must pay for having such an awesome name though. The price is that mommy will dress him in everything fox related thing that she can get her hands on....... or make. It's ok I'm not so bad. I mean I could have made him an entire closet of fox costumes for every day of the week and never buy him normal clothes. Instead he will just be a fox every year for Halloween (until he asks to be something else), wear the occasional t-shirt with a fox silhouette, pants with fox embroidery, and a nice warm fox ear hat ever winter. So there might be a lot of orange in his life. To bad his favorite color is green just like daddy.

So anyway onto the outfit.

This outfit is entirely upcycled! The romper used to be a large men's shirt I thrifted, the jacket used to be a large men's sweater I thrifted, and the hat is the left over pieces from both. The ears on the hat even came from tiny scraps I had left over from two other upcycled projects. He loves the hat and the jacket and was a little disappointed he had to change into something else today. I would not have normally done a pointed fox hat but I came across some cute inspiration to do it that way. I'm not sure how I feel about it though. I might still go back and round out that point. I think it might be a bit to reminiscent of garden gnomes.

The romper is pretty basic but it does zip closed instead of snap. (I got that idea from a blog a couple years ago. I don't remember which one anymore so let me know if you know and I'll give credit and link over.) Also there is that adorable little tail. How can you not love a romper with a tail?

The jacket I drafted, cut, and finished all in one day. I'm so thrilled with that and how it came out. I can't wait to make some other great jackets with that pattern. It's a little long because I made it big so he could hopefully get some use out of it next year too. I paid a little more for that thrifted sweater then I normally would have (still only $5) because I fell in love with the color and the texture when I found it. It's made out of lambs wool and cashmere so as you can imagine it is crazy soft and will be nice and warm too. I don't want to waste any of it so I'm now on the look out for uses for all the little left over scraps, lol. I even had a 1"x 2" piece cut off from near a seam that I stitched two little pieces of scrap ribbon to and now the cats have a new toy. Isn't that ridiculous? How can I throw this stuff away though?

I scrimped the fabric together as much as I could to make the hat. Then I borrowed some from the shirt scraps for the trim on it and I already told you about the ears being left over scraps from another refashioning. Can you tell I hate wasting fabric? I feel like all fabric even the tiny insignificant ones should have a use. I've been known to use salvages and other tiny bits as stuffing for stuffed animals before. You just need to spread it out and use actual stuffing too or else it will be to heavy and will never dry if you have to wash it.

Oh did you notice those oversized elbow patches? Aren't they darling? This is my favorite shade of orange and I love how it looks with the dark grey. This maybe a new favorite color combo for me. So what do you think? Am I totally nuts? Or do little orange and grey clad foxes totally rock?
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