Monday, September 23, 2013

PRP Plaid Challenge

As you know I am playing along in the sew along for project run and play. So it shouldn't surprise you that this is another run and play post. This weeks challenge was plaid. I had a really pretty outfit planned out and then there ended up being much less of the fabric then what I realized. So that didn't pan out. However I was lucky enough that I had a large men's dress shirt I had begun to refashion into a dress for Nova. It was partly done and had been sitting in a box for a while because I thought I had messed it up beyond repair and it would never be worn. It had a number of issues but still for some reason I couldn't get rid of it.
 While searching my stash for more plaid I came across this lost cause of a dress. I also came across a beautiful pair of pants I bought second hand that also ended up having to many issues to be used. Two items that I loved but didn't think could be salvaged. Or maybe I knew somehow they could be but just didn't know how yet....

Then it hit me and I realized that the problems parts could be put together and repaired and a new and better dress could be made.

The shoulder straps on this dress actually came from the front of the pants that was supposed to lace up. I did a lot of unpicking and seam ripping to salvage the most amount of fabric as possible and everything worked together perfectly.

Nova LOVES her new dress. She has been asking me if she can wear it all week and I kept telling her it had to wait until I had time to take her pictures in it. So as you can imagine she is a very happy little girl today in her new dress.
A new dress to go with her new hair cut. Her first hair cut actually! Thankfully it doesn't really look much different. Fox's hair on the other hand........ well you'll just have to wait to see that.

In the mean time here is another picture of the whole dress. Notice the shirring around the waist? I wanted to keep the cuffs of the original shirt but obviously they would have been huge on her. So I cut them out the way I normally would but all the way down at the bottom of the sleeve and that gave me the cuff and saved me from needing to create a new one.

So what do you think? Does it look as sweet as I think it does? Have you ever saved a long forgotten and abandoned project? Do you hang onto your failures like I do in the hopes you will someday be able to salvage them?
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