Monday, February 11, 2013

The Tooth Fairy

Ember my 5yr old just lost her first tooth. First thing in the morning she came in my room and told me her tooth was super lose. When I checked it the tooth was barely hanging on. I was a little worried that if we left it to fall out later in the day that she may accidentally swallow it. So I gave her an apple and told her what to expect. She gingerly ate her apple and by the eighth bite that tiny little tooth popped right out. She was so excited and happy until she say a tiny drop of blood on the tooth and got very concerned. Daddy explained that was normal though and all was well again.

I took her straight into my sewing room and let her pick out some fabric for a fairy pillow. She opted for several pink and brown strips I had left over from a jelly roll.

I stitched them all together lengthwise. There were a couple tails that were a little longer so I snipped those off and tucked under the sides on it and used it to form a little pocket to hold her tooth. Then I folded over the whole piece of fabric once so that the right sides were together and stitched along the three sides that were not attached. I left open a 4"-5" opening to turn it and stuff it. To close it up I did a simple hidden stitch by hand (I think it's also called a ladder stitch).

Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures of the process. Hopefully I explained it well enough and the picture is easy enough to copy from in case anyone would like to try. Next time I'll attempt a proper tutorial.
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